ERACoSysMed - Systems Medicine to address clinical needs


The ERA-Net ERACoSysMed "Collaboration on systems medicine funding to promote the implementation of systems biology approaches in clinical research and medical practice" will take up its activities in January 2015 as the first ERA-Net on Systems Medicine under the EU framework programme Horizon2020. The 14 funding bodies of ERACoSysMed joined forces to support transnational research consortia that demonstrate the feasibility and socio-economic benefits of systems medicine in clinical practice. In the first, co-funded call national financial contributions will be complemented with an EU contribution (co-fund model).

More specifically, ERACoSysMed aims to enhance the implementation of systems biology approaches in both clinical research and medical practice throughout Europe and Israel. The challenge of establishing systems medicine in Europe will be addressed by developing transnational cooperation between national ministries and funding bodies and a common research funding framework for systems medicine.

As such the ERA-NET complements other European Systems Medicine initiatives, especially the CSA CASyM ( More specifically, the CASyM roadmap for the implementation of systems medicine across Europe has been the strategic guide to formulate key objectives of ERACoSysMed in that we will specifically focus on areas where a systems approach is needed to address clinical questions, solve clinical problems and to make personalized medicine a reality.

Demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of Systems Medicine

ERACoSysMed intends to support research areas with the highest potential for delivering tangible medical/clinical outputs and make personalized medicine a reality. Funding will be available for projects that address the clinical utility of results from systems biology research into medical research and practice thereby fostering and expanding the new field of systems medicine.

The projects should focus on:

  1. Clearly defined clinical need(s), where a systems-oriented medical approach can provide new paths for personalized prevention, diagnostics and treatment of human diseases.
  2. Ideas demonstrating that integration of biomedical data and computational/mathematical models originating from systems biology approaches can realistically contribute to personalized medicine and the opening new ways for clinical research.
  3. Approaches that deliver better prevention and more efficient and personalized therapies throughout life.

Online submission via the Submission Tool

ERACoSysMed uses an online submission tool for the preparation of pre-and full proposals. All proposals must be submitted electronically in the submission tool by the coordinator of the project.

The submission tool can be found under the following URL: